Dance Club Event Year:  October through April

Number and Type pf Dances Each Event Year:  Normally dances are in the following months – October, November, January, February, March and April.  Variations to the above schedule and to dance format may occur at the discretion of the Board, after consideration of input from the membership.

Membership is limited to residents of the Quail Creek Community and Quail Creek renters.  Members and their guests must be in good standing as determined by the club board in order to attend club functions.  Any Quail Creek resident may attend one dance per season as a guest of a member.  If a member has a partner living in the local area, but not in a Quail Creek, that person may attend any dance with the member by paying the guest fee.

Maximum number of members is set at 170 in order to provide ample space for dancers to move around the floor.  There are no assigned tables or seating at the dances.

Renewal of Membership is normally offered in April of each year.

Membership cost will be determined yearly by the club board.

Members are required to observe line-of-dance floor etiquette:

1.  Line dancers, if any, at the front of the floor (in the “T” area).

2.  Progressive partner dancers around the perimeter-counterclockwise direction.

3.  Stationary dancers-partners or singles-in the middle of the floor.

State law prohibits bringing alcoholic beverages or liquor to any club function from any outside source.  Please respect this restriction at our dances.

Members who consistently violate the guidelines may be denied renewal of membership, based upon consensus decision of the Board.

Board of Directors Positions:  Ongoing positions will be President, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership, Communications, Music & Dance, and Food & Beverage position.  Board positions will be chosen from floor nominations at the annual meeting or from volunteers.  Term of office will be 2 years.   No limit to the number of terms that can be served in succession or otherwise.  Terms will alternate, with President, Membership, Treasurer, and Food & Beverage elected in even numbered years and Music & Dance, Communications, and Secretary in odd numbered years.

These Guidelines may be amended by the Board with final approval of two-thirds majority vote of members in attendance at the annual meeting to be held in April of each year.

Updated and Approved April 15, 2019 at the Annual Membership Meeting