Our club sponsors dance lessons for those that wish to learn or brush-up on the popular dances that are most used at our scheduled casual dances.  Dances lessons are usually FREE to members and usually scheduled just prior to an up-coming dance.  Below find the announced dance lessons for this dance season.   Other lessons will be added as they are scheduled.

The club’s goal is to provide a mix of rock and roll oldies, and country music at the dances.  Additional feedback from members is always appreciated. This helps us to schedule bands for the upcoming season. Please email, gj10sguy@yahoo.com, Glenn Johnson, Music and Dance Director, and indicate your preferences in music. Glenn is constantly searching for bands that offer a good balance of classic Rock & Roll with a blend of Country.

Dance Date / Time Dance Description
Check out “WHAT’s HAPPENING” for dates / times

13 Nov 2022, Sunday

Line Dancing – Various levels will be taught through the dance season.

East Coast Swing (3-4pm), Texas 2-Step (4-5pm)