• President:  Carolyn Dupont – cedupont@aol.com
  • Secretary:  Jane Bottlinger – 1835jbottlinger@gmail.com
  • Treasurer:  Dodie Prescott – dodiep4349@gmail.com
  • Membership Director:  Liz Ashby – lizashby@yahoo.com
  • Communications Director:  Carlo Pensyl – carlo-pam@cox.net
  • Food & Beverage Director:  Bonnie Dean – dragonfly3210@sbcglobal.net
  • Music & Dance Director:  Glenn Johnson – gj10sguy@yahoo.com

Annual Membership Meeting

In April of each year, the Board of Directors for the Quail Creek Casual Club holds an open membership meeting. This meeting provides a forum for the membership to offer feedback to the board, learn about the plans for the upcoming season, and vote on a variety of club matters.